ePlan Advantage Suite


ePlan Advantage is a custom web-based software suite designed specifically for building owners, property management, and business owners (tenants) to maintain and implement emergency planning regulations and policy. This suite of applications is changing the entire approach to managing building fire and life safety, and is proven to enhance your personal and corporate due diligence. To ensure your emergency plans remain current and compliant , we developed a custom back-end plan support system that is integrated with ePlan Advantage. All future plan change requests or updates are reviewed, tracked, and a history is maintained through the life of the plan.
In addition, this support guarantees you receive all future software enhancements to ePlan Advantage at no additional cost. Each of the following suite applications and built-in tools are for specific user groups, and are integrated so information is updated and available in real time. There is no software to purchase or download. Simply set-up your account, enter your secure login username and password, and follow the dashboard.

ePlan Advantage Suite consists of:

ePlan Corporate
ePlan Corporate is an enterprise version for Regional or National Managers responsible for corporate risk management.  This program provides at a glance, a view of your building portfolio and highlights any buildings that may be out of fire code compliance (emergency planning).  Having easy access to this information will allow you to quickly assess and act, reducing potential exposure and risk to your company and its owners and shareholders.

ePlan Manager

ePlan Manager is the hub of your building fire and life safety program.  This program is fully integrated with the entire ePlan Advantage Suite (ePlan Corporate, ePlan Tenant) providing immediate updates in real time, including our new building eVAC mobile app.  To free up your time an  d worries, we have many built-in features such as at a glance dashboard and quarterly email reminders for important tasks and dates. With ePlan Manager, you can be confident that you will increase your due diligence and conversely enhance the life safety of your building occupants.

ePlan Tenant

ePlan Tenant is the game changer when it comes to implementing your building fire safety plan and maintaining a team of trained emergency personnel. It has never been so easy to delegate this responsibility on to your tenants, track their activity and monitor their participation.  This program allows you to initiate all communication to your tenant in writing, ensuring records are maintained as part of your due diligence program.  ePlan Tenant does not only free up your time and minimize your responsibility but eliminates most of the headaches related to managing your tenants' emergency personnel.